Welcome to Alpha Day Trading!



STEP 1: Check your email. We just sent you a very important link to set up credentials for immediate access to the Alpha Day Trading Platform. Once your credentials are set, you will be-able to login here https://app.alphadaytrading.com/login/ 


Be sure to bookmark the login page for quick access to the platform

Once Logged In, click Live Trading Rooms to get started. To join the Alpha Trading Room, simple click “Join Chatroom”. Once you have landed inside the Alpha Trading Room scroll down to access the Live Trade Stream and Trading Chatrooms.


We are excited to have you a part of the best trading community in the world and cannot wait to help you succeed!


Click “Join Chatroom” to get started.
1) You may hide the ticker streamer, screeners and market search tools from chat
2) Prior Day Top Gainer Screener
3) Market Overview Screener
4) Finviz/Yahoo Finance search tool
1) Member Polls
2) Live Trade Stream (Fullscreen Button is 1080P and HD Stream Button is a scrollable and zoomed in stream. You may pop out the live stream and change stream sources as well when multiple streamers are on)
3) Live Trading Chatrooms (You may mute message notifications, pop out chat boxes, search messages by user or stock ticker, message with emojis and gif’s and chart with interactive stock tickers. Just hover over a stock ticker in messages to engage the on-demand chart and then click the ticker to engage the interactive chart.